Schiavone & Partners Law Firm provides Labour law and welfare legal services to leading companies in industry and services, as well as small and medium-sized foreign and national companies.

In detail, our services include:

  • legal advice;
  • organizational consultancy;
  • employment;
  • verification and management of contribution and insurance obligations;
  • study and predisposition of operating practices;
  • outsourcing and internalization;
  • procurements and network contracts;
  • management and assistance of industrial relations;
  • collective and in derogation bargaining;
  • corporate reorganization and restructuring;
  • collective redundancies;
  • Earnings Supplement Fund;
  • Solidarity contracts.


Schiavone & Partners Law Firm provides also pre-litigation phases and judicial assistance, dealing with any degree of judgment, at the Judicial Authorities throughout the country.


In association with E&S Law – Employment and Sea Law, we also offer assistance in bargaining and litigation of Maritime Labour Law.

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